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tv   New Day  CNN  February 27, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning. welcome to "new day." it's thursday, february 27th, 6:00 in the east. and arizona's so-called religious rights bill is dead for now, but the debate is heating up. governor jan brewer finally vetoed a measure that would have allowed business owners to refuse to serve gays and others. brewer cited several reasons in doing this. the lack of need under the law in arizona and her fear of unintended consequences. let's get more live in phoenix. >> reporter: good morning. the governor's office said it received more than 40,000 e-mails and phone calls over the last couple of days that had to do with this bill that would have opened the door to discrimination. it caused a lot of herdy advice
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sieveness. in the end, the governor said she did what she had to do. >> after weighing all of the arguments, i have vetoed senate bill 1062 moments ago. >> reporter: it was the news so many had hoped to hear. >> i am absolutely thrilled. >> happiness. it's about time. i knew she was going to do it. >> reporter: arizona's governor vetoes the bill. >> i call them like i see them, despite the cheers or the boos from the crowd. >> reporter: the governor says the bill was broadly worded with the potential to create more problems than it could solve. >> i not heard of one example where business owner's religious liberty had been vie litted. >> reporter: the reaction as passionate as the days of
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protesting that catapulted this bill into the national spotlight. >> we did this. we did this. >> reporter: some of the nation's most prominent lawmakers and businesses joining the fight. and the nfl was watching closely as the super bowl committee expressed concerns. >> she didn't want to be known as the governor who lost the super bowl. >> reporter: but not everyone was happy with the decision. >> i will not retreat because they don't like how we do things in arizona. >> reporter: the governor calling for a sense of unity. >> let's turn the ugliness over the debate into a are you knewed search for -- renewed search for greater respect and understanding among all in arizona and americans. >> reporter: arizona is not alone. there are a handful of states that have looked at or trying to
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pass similar legislation. in georgia, there's a measure moving through the state house that would allow private businesses to ignore certain state laws on the basis of religious believes. that bill is one that we're watching. supporters there say there is a fight while critics say that this bill a largely aimed at denies services for gays and lesbians. >> the decision comes the same day as a decision in texas. the judge said the state can continue to enforce the ban on same-sex marriage pending an appeal. the fundamental question of, is gay okay, continues to be something our society struggles with. the conflict is building as a parliament building is now in the hands of gunmen. police have been ordered to
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surround the facility located in the southern region of the country, an area known for its strong ties to russia. this comes as russia is flexing its muscle along the border sending troops there. that also escalating tension between the two countries and the u.s. pleading for restraint. we're here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. these pro russian governments stormed the parliament building. they are said to be heavily armed with automatic weapons. they are very much in control and they are refusing to negotiate. this morning, around 50 pro russian gunmen seized the parliament building in crimean raising the russian flag. this just a day after tensions boiled over at the black sea
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border. at least seven people injured in the demonstrations despite police presence. some fear the domestic unrest could possibly signal the beginning of international war games. the violence erupting near in the crimean. the dispute, many in the western ukraine want the area to have closer ties in europe. while some want to rejoin the soviet union roots. russia launches surprise military exercises. up to half a dozen warships are now at the ready in the black sea. the u.s. is sounding the alarm against outside players. in an interview on nmsnbc,
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secretary of state john kerry warned pie continue this should not be a cold war games. >> this is not rocky four, believe me. >> mean wile, pro western protestors cut down the fence surrounding the parliament building demanding they be close to the people. a strong show of force in pursuit of a new ukraine. not far from this occupied parliament building in the crimean, russia has a large the ukrainian government has said if any russian personnel leave that facility, they will interpret that as an act of aggression. >> it's getting more complicated. new fierce also in afghanistan as the u.s. speeds up plans for a full troop
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withdrawal. president obama is telling afghan president hamid karzai to sign a deal or the u.s. is pulling out. but it's not so simple. back here, the idea of bringing the troops home sounds great. the top american military officer says a full withdrawal could em bolden the taliban. tricky situation, barbara. >> good morning. tricky indeed. martin dempsey back here in washington this morning arriving from afghanistan where he told reporters that this notion of a zero option, a full u.s. withdrawal, even the talk about it may em bolden the taliban that some intelligence is already supporting the notion that forces may decide to reach an accommodation, if you will, with the taliban, essentially partnering up with the taliban, not fighting them like they're supposed to be doing because the
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u.s. is leaving. i have to tell you, i've already spoken to u.s. troops. i spoke to one u.s. combat veteran of afghanistan yesterday. he said, look, if he was back there on the line, he'd be carrying two sets of weapons right now. the concern is as this winds down, you have the last u.s. troops in there, you have the last u.s. rotation in there. afghan forces getting closer to the taliban. u.s. forces feeling more vulnerable. >> absolutely. that's a serious warning coming from dempsey this morning. >> this is just the arctic air that won't stay away. it loves us just too much. much of the country bracing for not one but two jolts of bitter cold. record lows. still hitting records in some places. cold see temperatures up to 30 degrees below normal. also the drought stricken west is finally getting rain.
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it may be just too much too fast. it is threatening right now flash floods and landslides there. indra petersons is tracking all of it for us. >> i keep hearing the word, it has been a miserable winter. detroit, the first worst miserable winter since we've been keeping records. i can go on and on, and unfortunately more cold air and another big snowstorm still headed our way. for much of the country, february is ending on a low note. another arctic blast brings subzero temperatures to the midwest and sinks temperatures below the freezing mark as far south as florida. just look at this ice jam in illinois. miles of thick broken ice have stopped the river from flowing. residents fearing what will happen when all the ice melts. >> that's when the water is going to come up like a backed up toilet.
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the ice is going to come up and take out everything in its path. >> the wipd chills have been among the wost on record. a new index tracking weather extremes confirms it. it's dubbed the misery index and for good reason. detroit is the hardest hit this season with 78 inches of snow and 13 days of lows below zero. chicago also reigns high on the list. >> this really has been one of the worst winters in a lot of people's lifetimes. >> on the west coast, a very different picture. over the next two days, torrential rain will make a dent in california's severe drought, but they could create more problem than relief. flash floods and mod slides are -- mud slides are a big concern. all eyes on the sky as the
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biggest names prepare to walk down the red carpet at the oscars on sunday. duluth right now feels like 42 below zero. these wind shil advisories are only spreading farther to the east. we're going to be talking about windchills below zero by overnight tomorrow. even the afternoon highs not any better. we're talking about a good 30 below averages. afternoon high, single digits for chicago. new york city just sitting at that freezing mark. go down to 20s for new york city. d.c. just at the freezing mark. by sunday night in through monday, watch the system come out of the south and spread into the northeast. this guy potentially could bring another huge winter storm right back to the east coast. we're going to be tracking that carefully to see if we'll be talking about major snow in
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addition to the subzero temperatures. >> keep the question mark. >> i'm going to try. let's take a look at headlines. breaking news out of oakland california. passengers had to be rushed off a delta sky west flight from los angeles after smelling smoke in the cabin. the captain was able to bring the jet to the gate. passengers walked down the stairs off the plane. authorities could not find the source of the smell. the justice department wants to hold onto telephone records collected by the nsa beyond what the law allows. right now, they're supposed to be destroyed after five years, but government employees say they need them stored longer in some cases for evidence. in venezuela, more protests likely today now that opposition leaders have backed out of peace talks at the last minute saying they doubted the government would take the negotiation
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seriously. they accuse the opposition of being more interested in politics than peace. more than a dozen people have been killed, many more injured over the past few weeks. they're upset with high crime rates, inflation and other problems. brain disease could now be a problem for cycle -- soccer players. it's a condition more commonly associated with vie leapt collisions seen in football and boxing. most in soccer come from hitting the ball. which he did frequently before he died last year. nasa say announcing the discovery of 715 new pran ets. all were discovered during the first two years that the kepler space telescope has been in operation. some are in nasa's habitable.
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>> 715 new planets? >> you felt it, right? >> they're outside our solar planet. i'm here to teach and learn and share. >> what was the title we gave you a while back? >> nerd alert? i don't know. what was it. >> we're always hearing about there could be life here, there could be life there, and then it never happens. i can't believe that we haven't found life anywhere else. >> i think you need to go and do a live report. >> i should. i'll be back in 19 years. >> in the last 20 years they've made all these. it's amazing. >> i think we haven't discovered anything yet. i think it's just stracratching. we don't even know what we don't know. coming up on "new day," the highest polls yet that say
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democrats want hillary clinton to run. so did she make her case at this big event in miami last night. listen and see if she's your choice. we're live there for you. and what's in your food? i know you wonder this. the gov announcing this morning big changes to the nutrition labels on much of what you buy. we have the details coming up. >> they should make the print bigger. iwe don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at
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she hasn't said she will yet, of course. if you heard her speech last night, you'd think she might really be thinking of running for office. what's your take? >> reporter: forgive us for almost feeling last night like this was a presidential election year. you could hear hillary clinton flushing out the themes of a stump speech, inclusion and participation for women and younger americans. right off the top of her remarks here at the university of miami, she weighed in on the hot topic of the day -- >> thankfully the governor of arizona has vetoed the discriminatory legislation that was passed recognizing that inclusive leadership is really what the 21st century is all
3:20 am
about. >> reporter: bracing jan brewer for striking down a bill that would have allowed companies to refuse services to gay patrons. she also talked health care. >> there's been so many misconceptions about what's in the affordable care act. >> reporter: clinton proposed fixes to obama care. >> if you want to go try your hand at film making or be an artist, you will have the opportunity now to do that without assuming disproportionately the risk that something could happen to you or when you're married or have children, to your families. >> reporter: clinton leads the pack of democrats considering a 2016 bid. a new poll finds that 82% of democrats want her to run. clinton is ramping up her public
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speaking engagements allowing her to advance her narrative as republicans take aim. many of the documents from bill clinton's presidency have not been released even though they were supposed to by law more than a year ago. l national archives telling cnn they will be released in late march, 33 pages. but here in florida, hillary clinton was all about looking forward. and so was this crowd. one student's question, what does the tbd in her twitter profile mean. >> well, i'd really like to. but i have no characters left. >> reporter: now clinton has said she will make her decision known by the end of this year. for the democrats trailing so far behind her in the polls, it
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can't come soon enough. >> great to see you. we'll see you soon. how about this. not one but two college basketball games decided with the last-second shot. joe carter is here and has the video in this morning's "bleacher report." this is good stuff. >> it is. kind of remind me of the tournament. it starts in about two and a half weeks. the first great finish in the michigan-purdue game. glen robinson gets the buzzer beater. on that same floor 20 years ago, his father was an all american at purdue. another great finish between unc-nc state. the tar heel star marcus in the last-second layup. they came back to win in a
3:23 am
thriller 85-84 in overtime. according to a cbs sports report, jonathan martin met with agents at the combine. his agents says his client isn't comfortable returning to miami. andrew luck was asked in an interview if he'd like arrest martin on his indianapolis team. luck said he'd be in favor of it 100%. we know nfl teams ask a lot of questions to draft prospects. here's any one. what team do you choose when you play madden, the football video game. these questions can sometimes border the creepy zone, dairy say. teams asked this one about his now internet famous girlfriend. they wanted to know if she would
3:24 am
be around if team officials visited him in florida and if she'd, quote, be there for dinner and stuff like that. now, if you google the couple, over 14 million results come up. this is now the new it couple in college sports. >> that is creepy. >> a little bit. they ask a lot of intrusive questions obviously. >> what do you gain from that? what does that tell us about the player? >> that's a great question. that's where he said it borders creepy. >> i could cover sports. >> you could cover anything. the question is, are they getting it covered, because they end up making lots of bad decisions about who they let in the league. >> do you have a pick for the tournament yet? >> i don't. whatever i pick, please go opposite, because i bracket bust like week two. >> we will be talking about brackets. that will be part of my
3:25 am
strategy. >> what was glen robinson's nickname back when he played, joe? >> you're killing me. i was like 13. >> now it's got to be an age thing? we'll leave it up to twitter. tweet us. >> tweet us. coming up next on "new day," breaking this morning, a new change announced this morning to the nutrition labels you see in grocery stores. but will the changes really make it easier for you to eat healthy? will it help you or make it more confusing? we're going to look at it. also, congress has been hearing from stars lately. do boldfaced names make more gold change? what do you think? we're going to dig into it. [ sneezes, coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel.
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only from xfinity. of gunmen have seize add parliament building in the southern part of ukraine. people are being toll -- told to stay away. russia is sending in thousands on f troops for military drills. back here at home, arizona's governor vetoing a bill that would have allowed businesses to
3:30 am
refuse to serve gays. it touched off a national fire storm. she says she shot down the measure because it was too broadly worded and she feared negative and unintended consequences. former nfl star aaron hernandez has now been reportedly isolated inside a massachusetts jail following an altercation with an inmate. he will have to spend at least 23 hours a day inside his cell. hernandez is facing murder charges. here's a phone you could have. the james bond smart phone. it encrypts all call. if someone tries to open the casing, it deletes all data. boeing says it can be configured to connect with satellites. they're keeping it extremely hush hush. >> that's hush hush too.
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>> price is hush hush? >> do you believe that they can delete things in a way that other people can't get it? >> i can do that by just dropping my phone. >> i don't think anything is ever gone. >> i assume it's all still out there. >> i think they can find this stuff. >> i hear you, except when i need to find it, it vanishes. >> i think "they" can find it. not you perhaps. >> i'm not they. how about this one? do you read the labels on your food stuff. there are lots of surprises out there. the fda is proposing the first update to nutrition labels. it's coming today from white house from the first lady. while the changes may sound like a no brainer to you, they could spark a big fight with the food industry. we're at the white house. >> reporter: good morning.
3:32 am
these new rules will bring very noticeable and many people say much-needed changes to those products in your super market ooils. in just a few hours, the white house unveiling its newest push to promote healthy eating. nutrition labels getting an update in two decades. >> folks are really starting to think about what they eat and how active they are. they're scrutinizing labels. >> reporter: under the fda's new rules, food labels will have to spell out more clearly how serving sizes are measured. serving sizes for soda for instance will go from 8 ounces to 12 ounces. is serving sizes for yogurt will go from 8 ounces down to 6. and display information like
3:33 am
calorie content more prominently. >> consumers will understand how many calories they're consuming at one time and throughout the day, but it's also going to update on current dietary recommendations around fat, sugar and other annuity cents. >> reporter: the announcement comes as mrs. obama marks the fourth anniversary of her let's move campaign against child obesity. federal data showed obesity in young children ages 2 to 5 has dropped more than 40% in a decade. these changes may not sit well with some food makers. it will cost the food manufacturing industry about $2 billion to change all these labels. >> thank you so much. we're going to have dr. sanjay gupta on a little later to get
3:34 am
his take. he will be in to tell us. coming up next on "new day," when celebrities call, politicians sometimes listen. maybe that's why so many of them are heading to congress these days to talk about issues near and near to their hearts. we're going to take a look at what impact those star-stud ed visits may have. also, you ever get a ticket from a red light camera. >> yes. >> seems like they're everywhere, but a change is coming. is your paranoia about to fwroe or shrink? that's a terrible video, but part of the reason for the change. but what's even more surprising is that brushing alone isn't enough to keep it clean. fortunately, you've got listerine®. unlike brushing which misses 75% of your mouth, listerine® cleans virtually your entire mouth. so what are you waiting for? it's time to take your mouth to a whole new level of health. listerine®... power to your mouth™.
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which will cause me to miss the end of the game. the x1 entertainment operating system lets your watch live tv anywhere. can i watch it in butterfly valley? sure. can i watch it in glimmering lake? yep. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. back at home, hollywood glitz on capitol hill can get
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awkward as ben afleck found out. they're not the first celebs to grace the halls of congress. some wonder if it really makes a difference. >> they may wear suits just like everyone else who approaches those tables, papers in hands and a cause for which to advocate. but let's be clear, folks like these are not giving your average congressional testimonies. >> that's wonderful. >> from the ridiculous, to the em passioned. >> i just may run for office. >> to the down right distracting. >> i became the ambassador. >> when celebrities come to washington, the media and the politicians take notice. but does the spectacle of the star out shine.
3:39 am
>> often it's not about members of congress learning something that they don't already know. it's performance art. if they wanted to really learn about issues, they could get it from a briefing book. >> on wednesday, benefit afleck arrived to talk about congo. he has brought his cause to the table time and time again. >> i'm working with and for the people of eastern congo. >> just a few marble pillars away, seth rogan testified. these apeern peernss bring buzz, but does anyone remember why bob barker testified before congress or elton john, or do they just remember that they did?
3:40 am
truth is that is up to the celebrities commitment to the cause and the journalists covering them. congo and alzheimer's likely wouldn't be in the news today without afleck and rogan. water shortages in developing nations got our attention last year in part because of matt damon's involvement. >> this means i will be sitting here interviewing you talking about an issue i probably wouldn't and people at home will be paying attention to an issue that they wouldn't otherwise pay attention to. >> yeah, that's the hope. >> he do founded and their pal george clooney is a lo long-time advocate for peace in sudan. >> i think we all individually felt that if -- if cameras were going to follow us around, why not -- why not make something
3:41 am
good out of that. >> celebrities bring attention to an issue. and especially if that issue is not the sexiest issue. if you get ben afleck involved, all of a sudden it's more interesting. >> that's something politicians have known for a while. >> you know those are the hearings and appearances there everyone seems to turn out to. >> it's one of the good uses of celebrity. for millions from coast to coast today you're going to need to do one of two things. bundle up or grab an umbrella. heavy, heavy rains hitting the west. indra petersons is here taking a look at it all. >> there's so many places we need to touch on. dangerous windchills. 42 below in minnesota. duluth right now feeling like 42 below. chicago feeling like 8 below. talking about temperatures for
3:42 am
the afternoon high being a good 30 below where they should be for this time of year. new york city staying at the freezing mark. even the south seeing temperatures below where they should be. the huge headliner is look at this huge bulls eye sitting out west. the west has not had drought conditions this bad in a hundred years. this is the biggest storm in three years. a threat for water spouts and tornados. that comes right in time for oscar sunday. watch as it makes its way across. the system is so poul that this -- powerful that this guy will be a potential snow pager sunday and -- maker sunday and monday. heavy snow again for us sunday in through monday. for michaela pereira, if you venture back here -- >> did i say that? >> i want to make sure you get it twice. are you back monday?
3:43 am
>> sort of, no. >> i wanted to give it to you twice. we're talking about huge rain and a heavy snow maker. >> because of the wildfires out west, because of the fires and the ash and soot in the soil, it did something to the soil so the water couldn't even absorb well. >> it is so dry that it literally runs off. it is like concrete now. >> you need the water, you don't need that much. >> not at once. coming up on "new day," red light cameras. they make the government a lot of money, but do they make us safer? >>. and remember this from the movie "big"? it winds up tom hanks isn't the only one that can make beautiful music with his feet. it is our must-see moment. you'll see it next. [ female announcer ] new fiber one protein cereal.
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introducing cardioviva: the first probiotic to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels without a prescription. cardioviva. welcome back. let's go around the world now starting in mexico where accused drug lord guzman is now facing new charges as he awaits trial. the latest from mexico city. >> reporter: new charms. guzman now acruised of -- accused of organized crime and crimes against health. they say this will likely delay any extradition to the united states. they also point to the fact that he needs to complete a previous jail sentence. he is currently being held at a
3:48 am
maximum security prison just outside of mexico city. and in italy, parting is such sweet sorrow. a famous statute of july yet there is being replaced because it's gotten too much love. >> reporter: there's a tradition in italy that promises to fix it. all you have to do is rib the right breast of the bronze statute of shake peer's juliet. the statute's looking worse for the wear. it was once located in a courtyard known as juliet from shake peer's tail of strar crossed lovers. >> hopeless romantics. you see all the places that have been rubbed out? that's not romance.
3:49 am
it's just wrong. that's why they had to move it. new numbers out this morning showing a decline in the number of communities using those red light cameras to catch red light runners. they've fallen 6% since 2012. seven states all together banned them and several more are now considering it. what issues are at play here? we put the question to christine romans. this is an interesting decline to see. >> it is. >> you see revenue and people are concerned about safety. >> and concern about privacy. new jersey -- a town in new jersey got rid of them this week. these are the cameras installed on or next to red lights. when you go through, you think you got through scott free, but you didn't. those traffic violations where
3:50 am
you're rolling into an active intersection can be deadly. these towns want the money, but they also want to stop some of these terrible accidents. ten years into these pilot programs, some towns are saying it's not worth the erroneous tickets because you're ticketing the car's owner not the driver. >> some of the concern is that they're causing, you know, somebody stopped short and then a chain reaction accident half it. >> or speeding up because you want to barrel through. they point to florida and say, look, if you look in florida, 95% of the peej that get one of the summons never get one again. florida is one of the states considering getting rid of these things. some people think it's an invasion of privacy. >> is that caving to bad driving? >> what is the invasion of
3:51 am
privacy argument, though? you're on a public street. >> you're keeping information on me. you've got my car information. you know, it's a little bit of a paranoia about big brother. but the legal problem isn't one. the registered owner of the car is responsible so it doesn't matter who's driving it. >> yeah, but that doesn't seem just if your kid's driving the car. >> here's why. when you look at the number of communities declining, there are more cameras out there. sort of ten years into a lot of the pilot programs and stuff, where it's working, they're going whole hog. where they're not sure or -- >> they're just getting out. >> added to it that some of these cities and towns are getting a bucket load of revenue. >> you don't have to hire an extra police officer. this is money that's coming in. so the cities that like it are going to keep it and add more
3:52 am
cameras. >> there's a le jit variable. >> i don't like it. >> you don't like it? >> you should have to see me. >> it is true that the timing is different from operation to operation. so where they decide to set the infraction because what if it's slow moving traffic so you're going through the yellow and you're stuck in the middle of the intersection on the red. you couldn't control the situation. >> that's something some of these towns are starting to rethink it are saying it's not worth some of the headache. >> kate wants a badge apparently. >> she likes men in uniform. she hates when it's a female officer that walks up to the window. let's go to the must see moment. i'll show you a little loving scene here. remember the scene from the 1988 movie "big"?
3:53 am
check them out. this is the original scene of the movie was shot. they are play iing. hundreds of people still line up at the store every day to step onto that nearly 16-foot long piano. but i argue, they will never be able to play this well. >> number one, she's a dancer. >> and probably a pea -- pianist, right? i just think it's amazing. >> it's a great demonstration of fancy foot work. i see the parents going, excuse me, where's the lego thing? >> if you've ever been there with all the craziness and mayhem around that, i'm glad they find sanity in their fancy foot work. >> usually it's parents dragging
3:54 am
their kids off that thing screaming. >> what's happening off camera -- >> no, it's not working today. >> maybe that's just me. >> coming up on "new day," new fbi information on a mole who had access to osama bin la din eight years before the attacks. we'll give you the latest. also ahead, she sure sounds like she's running. hillary clinton delivering a big speech in florida. did we just witness a preview of 2016? female announcer ] we eased your back pain, you turned up the fun. tylenol® provides strong pain relief while being gentle on your stomach. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. you're an emailing, texting, master of the digital universe. but do you protect yourself? ♪
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good morning. welcome back to "new day." it's thursday, february 27th, now 7:00 in the east. we're going to start with the news blast that is, of course, all the news that you need to get right now. more than you can get anywhere else. ready? let's go. i have vetoed senate bill 1062. >> this gives me new hope. >> i will not retreat. this has been one of the worst winters in a lot of people's lifetime. nutrition labels getten update for the first time in more than two decades. >> this is how he spends up to six hours a day. russia, united states, this is not rocky four. we begin this morning with breaking news out of ukraine.
3:59 am
police have now surrounded a facility. the increased tensions come a day after russia started military drills along the ukrainian border. north korea has fired four short-range miss ls. the u.s. and south korea are conducting military exercises right now. it's not clear if they were fired anywhere near the exercises. passengers smelling smoke on a delta sky west flight just after landing from los angeles. >> the captain was able to bring the jet to the gate. authorities strangely could not find the source of the odor. also, a bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse to serve gays and others has been vetoed my arizona's governor jan brewer. even the super bowl host
4:00 am
committee all publicly expressed concerns. here's what brewer had to say. >> i have not heard one example in arizona where business owners religious liberty has been vie litted. the bill is broadly worded and could result in unintended and negative consequences. >> so it wasn't necessary under the law in arizona. and also she added that she was worried the bill could have divided arizona in ways no one could have imagined. potentially big problem for the president in afghanistan. dempsey says the idea of the u.s. troops leaving afghanistan is hurting the moral of afghan soldiers. president obama is threatening to pull all troops out of the country by the end of the year because afghan president won't sign the security agreement. the fda set to propose big
4:01 am
changes to nutrition labels. they're going to put a bigger emphasis on calories and new treents. serving sizes also will be adjusted to reflect how much a person is consuming. dr. sanjay gupta joins us in the next half hour. we'll discuss this with him. winter's fwrip is only getting tighter. indra petersons says another polar plunge is on its way to the northeast. california soaked with so much rain there are flash flood warnings. >> upper midwest today, even cooler than it was yesterday morning. it feels right now 42 below in duluth. boston right now into the teens with its windchill. the afternoon highs not any better. 30 below where they should be in the afternoon. single digits for your highs out
4:02 am
toward chicago. freezing mark in new york city today. tomorrow, the cold air spreads even more towards the northeast. that's the story for the east. we're going to take you out west where finally they are seeing rain. this is all they have seen all season. it's the driest they have been in a hundred years in ra kra. now, on top of that, we talk about this huge, major storm expected to impact the area friday in through saturdays. the biggest storm they have seen in three years. heavy rain, heavy snow, strong winds right before oscar sunday. this is going to affect the entire country. it will bring potentially heavy snow right into the ohio valley and then eventually into the northeast by sunday and monday. what does that mean for oscar sunday? means rain while they're getting ready. move out by the after party time. peace talks about the
4:03 am
opposition and the venezuelan government breaking down before they could even get started. they pulled out hours before the negotiations were set to start claiming the government was acting in bad faith. the protests have left more than a dozen people dead. governor chris christie speaking out on bridgegate. he says he will not give into the hysteria of the story. he also called it a distraction and said it won't prevent him from doing his job. a dramatic rescue in new york. two young people allegedly in prison and forced to work as prostitutes. police arresting 35-year-old andy at this long island home. the 15-year-old described as a run away and a 21-year-old who police say was held captive over a year. he pled not guilty to charges.
4:04 am
let's return to the top story. a siege on a government building in ukraine escalating the conflict there this morning. that's on top of russia's military doing dprils along the dor ber. let's bring in the chief national security responsibility gym sciutto. the plan was supposed to be for the u.s. to tell russia stay away. >> the u.s. officials said for russia to intervene would be a grave mistake. we talked to pentagon officials. their read is that this is largely for a russian domestic audience, a show of strength. they don't believe russia's going to make a move and bring those forces in. they're sending the public messages, you know, don't do it, we're watching.
4:05 am
>> are any of e them reading the response of russia as thumbing their nose at that suggestion, the flag going up over the building? >> what's happening, this is a real world, right? whatever russia does, you have events on the ground that can really get out of hand. you have a divided country. you have the eastern part of the country leaning east towards russia, and the western part of the country leaning west. look at that right there in those pictures there. hard to control. >> that's what will take the politics and put them out of the realm of just what we say to each other and forced to do. is there a chance you have an analogy to syria? >> well, listen, we're several steps away from that. that's the ultimate fear. that's the worst case scenario that civil war breaks out. we're not there yet. but i think the reason you're
4:06 am
having these public statements in very you know stern form and all the monitoring that we're doing from the outside it's because people see that potential and they want to make sure it doesn't happen. they also want to make sure russia doesn't intervene which would make things worse on the ground. >> so the politics are more urgent than the practicalities right now? >> absolutely. the trouble with the politics and the emotions have been stoked for political reasons. it's hard to put the genie back in the bottle. when you want to control it and reign it in, that's difficult to do. we've seen that happen in other countries. that's the reason we have to be concerned and watch this. let's take a look at what is in the papers this morning. new details on security rules for this year's boston marathon. there will be a no bags policy. runners won't even be allowed to
4:07 am
bring backpacks. the streets will also be closed to car traffic and a heavy presence of police officers will be redirecting fans trying to get close to the finish line. more possible data hacks at two more retailers. verizon says it's looking into issues at two unnamed stores. they operate networks through verizon which may have been become vulnerable. and the epa agreeing to review how it estimates emissions for refiners. this comes from advocacy groups that filed suit last may. they accuse them of using outdated formulas to estimate pollution levels. they say they can be ten to 100 times greater than epa estimates. new information this morning
4:08 am
about a potential fbi mole who had access inside al qaeda. as the washington times first reported, the bureau kept that source secret from congress and even the 9/11 commission. the mole allegedly had direct contact to the al qaeda leader in the '90', eight years before the attacks. joining us former bush homeland security advisor all so on the board of the department of homeland security and the cia. fran, great to see you. if this all pans out and is true, let's just assume that for the discussion, what do you make of this? >> let's remember, one of the things -- 1993 was the first world trade center attack. at the time, it was not clear of bin laden's capability to project power. that attack, while tragic was a real wakeup call.
4:09 am
we began to try and develop sources. in 21 years, the fbi is a very different fbi. they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to be able to retrieve documents. they didn't have that in 1993. it's not clear whether they turned this over, whether they missed it and it was not intentional. i think there are a lot of questions, certainly embarrassing for the bureau. but i think we shouldn't assume it was intentionally miss held. >> it makes you wonder, why would the fbi withhold this? >> if the story's true there was a plot disrupted in los angeles as a result of the source. we don't know how important or how close this act came to actually being executed. it raises a lot of questions. >> it does seem like a big omission. >> absolutely. >> a mole within al qaeda spoken, met with osama bin la
4:10 am
din. >> i can tell you for having been there, i would have loved to understood this. this was news to me yesterday when i picked up the "washington times." who knew, did they turn this over, was it an oversight. >> people are going to maybe jump to conclusions premajeurely. former congressman said this, this is just one more of those examples that will go into conspiracy theorist's notebooks who say authorities are not telling us everything. as you think, you're warning that you should not make the jump that the information could have prevented 9/11. >> let's remember, the mole is there according to this report in 1993. there's no indication if he had had access in and around that time frame that that could have done anything to prevent 9/11.
4:11 am
nobody's saying that, including in that article. it just -- it raises a lot of questions. you know, i've said before, the malevolence to what could be government incompetence, in the document retrieve l systems, we fail to pick up relevant documents. i think they need to explain -- >> because they certainly should learn from this. >> what's your big take away, though? >> i think people have got to understand, the fbi's capabilities now are quite different. they have more sources, they've prevented attacks, they've disrupted attacks, they've got better access inside these organizations. whatever the problems were going back 21 years ago to 1993, the fbi is a much stronger and more capable organization now. >> and a lot of those changes came because of nguyen. >> absolutely. here's something you don't
4:12 am
hearer da, a victimvy for lance armstrong. his quote, secret weapon. that was the phrase that was used. the fraud suit alleged steroids were his real secret weapon. a judge dismissed the suit calling the phrase "secret weapon" mere puffery and so the ads were not false advertising. american airlines is doing away with so-called berooefment fairs. southwest and virgin america also don't offer the lower rate. but united still does. did general motors act quickly enough in its recall of nearly 2 million small cars for faulty ignition switches? car makers are legally required to report safety defects within five days. records show gm knew about the
4:13 am
problem all the way back in 2004. they could be fined up to $35 million. let's take a look at what is trending. spike lee trying to put controversial comments about gentrification in context. he said he's not against people moving into areas that were once predominantly african-american, but that they should respect the culture. he went off about people moving into his old brooklyn neighborhood. boy, it's been a bit of a tough week for texas republican dan a patrick. after a federal judge struck down the state's gay marriage ban, he put a post on his twitter page, here's what it said, marriage equality equals one man and one man. a correction came reading one man and one woman. and finally a third tweet, we have a new job opening on our
4:14 am
campaign social media intern. university orlando following disney world's lead and raising their ticket price starting immediately. a one-day single park-ticket jumped up. prices also jumped for that two-day and park-to-park ticket price. according to georgia police who say they're not going to file charges against justin bieber. the footage seems to show an unsteady bieber undergoing a sobriety test. according to police, he failed a series of those tests. that's a look at what's abuzz on the internet. >> coming up next on "new day," a new poll shows hillary clinton as the overwhelming favorite of democrat to run in 2016. so did she make her case during
4:15 am
a big speech in florida last night. and breaking this morning, nutrition labels going for a major makeover. are they going to make it easier? worse? dr. sanjay gupta is here and going to break it all down for you. (vo) you are a business pro. seeker of the sublime. you can separate runway ridiculousness... from fashion that flies off the shelves. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. and only national is ranked highest in car rental customer satisfaction by j.d. power. (natalie) ooooh, i like your style. (vo) so do we, business pro. so do we. go national. go like a pro.
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4:19 am
and she does seem to be talking the talk. here's what she had to say about her political aspirations. take a listen. >> can you give us some inside into highway the tbd -- how the tbd if your file -- >> well, i'd really like to, but i have no characters left. i -- i will certainly ponder that. >> did hillary clinton just say she has no character? no, she was talking about her twitter feed. but is the run inevitable? let's break it down. we have a cnn political common take tore, anna. let's start with you. you were at the event last night. you heard something on a major issue from her last night that you did not like. tell us about it. >> i actually thought her answer on the venezuela issue was just
4:20 am
so lackluster. when she got asked about that, there wasn't one word condemning what is going on in venezuela. not one word about the murders by maduro. she said venezuela is a democracy and no one would argue with that. i would say that the families of the 16 dead people would argue that it's not a democracy. >> let me bring that to yoe. hillary's been getting a free pass so far. now that she starts to talk, there will be a different level of vetting. >> i think -- i thought she did a superb job last night. i thought she radiated an amazing command of the issue. no one is more in command of the issues than she is. she seemed warm, relaxed, at ease.
4:21 am
i thought her answers were substantive and right on the money. you know, people know her record as secretary of state and that she is concerned about the -- with the human rights issues in venezuela. so i think this -- anna as maybe found a very small point, but overall, everybody else this morning is saying she did an amazing job. >> richard -- >> go ahead anna. >> a couple of things. this was a paid speech in front of a very sympathetic audience, very captive audience, moderated by her lifelong friend who filtered the questions and served her up a bunch of softballs, none of which she hit out of the ballpark. she said to her, there are a lot of students here from venezuela. they wanted to hear words of solidarity. what i heard her do was give a
4:22 am
lot of diplomatic speak, not come pain fire brand speak. i'll tell you, the reporter of the miami herald tweeted out that the first 25 minutes of her speech were a cure of insomnia. i feel the same way. she was flat. >> it essential did not -- certainly did not look like that on television where i saw it. she seemed in command. she seemed at ease. she seemed warm, totally in command of all the issues. i don't know what speech you looked at. and maybe the campaign, chris, is already getting started, but -- >> she's obviously out there making the rounds. they're raising a ton of money. there's infrastructure in place. at what point is this delay just about her delaying the inevitable and not wanting to take on the responsibility of runni
4:23 am
running? >> i think she's been clear that she's going to take a look at the race this year. i think my early next year, she'll let people know. >> how does she explain not running at this point? >> i think most people expect her to run. i hope she runs. it's a complicated equation. it's an amazing personal commitment. she's given her life to the country, as her husband and family has. if she decides not to run, it will be a personal decision. people expect her to run. >> something unusual here -- >> i think with those numbers that you just -- you know, you quoted today, the poll, they show that hillary has frozen the democrat field. everybody's expecting her to run. so if she's not going to run, really i think it's incumbent on her to make a decision sooner than there is pressure on any republican to make it because the republican field is not
4:24 am
frozen. we don't have the same issue. you're going to end up with a lot of democrats who have not as much of a national net work scrambling. >> you are usually so positive. i don't know what's happen to you this morning. you're talking about a frozen field on the democrat side? we are excited. we've got someone we're rallying around. we've got someone that there's a lot of support for. if she decides not to run, there are a lot of other democrats that can come in. i think you are trying to cover up the problems in the republican party where you have nobody out there in the lead and you have a very weak bench. >> richard -- >> now in shambles trying to stay governor of new jersey. i think it's early to talk about -- to talk like this, but i was hoping we'd have a nice little chat this morning, anna. i guess the campaign has started. >> all right.
4:25 am
listen, when i'm talking about a frozen field, what i'm saying is that no other democrat is able to make the moves, not even the vice president of the united states to form a campaign, start raising the funds, start tieing up donors while hillary is not -- >> i hear you on that, anna. >> i don't mean that as a cold frozen tundra of a field. everybody else is out there figuring out what she's going to do. >> if she doesn't run, she's going to have a lot of big donations to make. let me ask you about your party because you guys are in a bigger struggle. finding who is often easier than finding the main mess sanl. if you look at arizona, it looks like a window into your party. how do you read that issue and what does it mean for your party as in figuring out what it wants to be? >> as far as the arizona issue
4:26 am
and gay rights and gay marriage, i am completely supportive of gay marriage and equality. i think people have to come to terms with the fact that this battle is over. the court has ruled. and it's consistent with what we say republican values are. we are the party of family unity, than for the love of god, let us legitimize gay families. let us allow people who love each other and want to be married to be able to do so. if we are the party of personal freedom, there is no greater personal freedom than choosing who to love and who you want to spend the rest of your life with. all of these bills are spending the money of taxpayers defending things that are undwenszble. i think governor brewer did the smart thing yesterday. it was going to cost her state a ton in money and canceled conventions and events,
4:27 am
boycotts. when you've got companies like marriott which is led my very strong mormons coming out and saying please veto this bill, i think it tells you what the economic, social, political, and just world reality is on this issue. >> you got to anna. she gave you a gift in that last answer. sounds like a democrat in that. >> i couldn't -- anna, i could not have said that better. you are amazing. >> see friends, anna. >> let me -- well, thank you. let me remind you, though, we've got now three openly gay republican congressmen running. so the times that are changing. not as fast as i'd like, but they are changing. >> it would be great if the rest of your party recognized that and i actually think they are coming around. >> anna for president. my wife's check is in the mail. thank you very much.
4:28 am
anna, always a pleasure. >> yes? go ahead. >> if a girl from canada can do it, so can a woman from nick wag wa. [ laughter ] >> you can never follow anna. you're just going to have to leave it there. coming up next on "new day," break thg morning, nutrition labels getting a major overhaul with more focus on calories and the number of servings. but will the changes translate to people making better choices? plus sergeant first class recommendsburg's story brought everyone to their feet. now you have to see how the war hero celebrated his birthday. much more on him coming up. brea ♪ i will standby you forever and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone.
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4:32 am
. minutes past the hour in the east. let's take a look at your headlines. we start with breaking news this morning in southern ukraine. they have seize add parliamentary building and put a russian flag atop it. they have sent thousands of troops to the border for military drills. arizona's governor saying she feared negative and unintended consequences and vetoes a bill that would allow businesses to refuse gays uponrily jous grounds.
4:33 am
governor jan brewer said she vetoed the bill because it was too broadly worded. >> disturbing video of an attack against a washington state bus driver. that violence caught on security camera after a driver got in an altercation with a passenger that he was trying to eject from the bus. he was caught by police several hours later. he was booked on third-degree assault charges. the very first host of the dating game has died. jim lang was with the show. it included michael jackson, farrah faucet. he was 81 years old. coming to a freezer near you. prepare yourself for fourny flavors of benefit & jerry's ice
4:34 am
cream. all but the salted caramel have two ice cream flavors on either side of the core. >> i like that. >>. >> i'm thinking about what we should be having for breakfast. let's not talk about the nutrition of that please. what we are going to talk about, nutrition labels. breaking this morning, nutrition labels are in for a major overhaul. the fda is proposing changes for the first time in over two decades. the goal is to help americans understand what they're buying so they can eat healthier. let's bring in dr. sanjay gupta for more on this. i want to get your opinion on if you think it's going to help people eat healthier in a second. first start me off with the changes. >> it's a perfect segment from
4:35 am
benefit & jerryss. this is interesting. people may not know, before 1990 food nutrition labels were not required. it was voluntary. they want to make this sort of more relevant to people's lives. there's a few things people want to know when they look at a label and they want to highlight those things. take a look at the current labelling and what is proposed in the future. calories, first of all, that number is high up there displayed. they also want to focus on a few different things including added sugar and then certain annuity cents like vitamin d and potassium. look at the top at servings for container. people complain about that all the time. they think that's how much i'm getting. actually, you could eat that eight times within a particular
4:36 am
serving. they want to take that part of it out of it as well. this is a proposed labeling. there's going to be a 90-day comment period now. people have very strong opinions on how much should be divulged here and how much it helps. >> they're even proposing new serving sizes. as i look at this, my headline from this is if you can't beat them join them. it's just showing us that we eat bigger servings. >> let's really look at what americans consider a serving and let's label it that way. so and you're right. if you take ice cream. and i have my own eyes cream here -- ice cream here this morning to show you. now it may be considered two servings. they're going to reflect exactly what is serving is for americans. the other thing they're going to
4:37 am
do -- like a bag of potato chips for example, if it's likely you're going to eat the whole bag in a single sitting, they're going to label as much. if you eat this whole bag, here's what you're going to be eating so people can really see those numbers as well and get an idea of exactly how much they're taking in. >> first having a better understanding of how to read the labels maybe is the first step. do you think this will translate to that? once we understand the labelling and the value, we will eat healthier? >> i think it's going to make a difference. these are hard sort of things to study because the people who read labels are going to get a benefit. and the people who ignore the labels are not. i guess that goes without saying. the question is, now with the new labels are more people likely to read them. if you look at chain food restaurants for example, they've had labeling for some time,
4:38 am
you'd see about a 10 to 20 calorie decline in calories in people who are actually looking at the labels. it's not a huge difference, but it is a little bit of a difference. women more likely to read the labels and make a decision based on those labels as compared to men. i think the new labels could help and maybe more significant than what we're seeing right now. >> good first step. we know the food industry is complaining because it's going to cost them $2 billion to make the changes, but i guess that comes with it. >> that's right. and this won't happen overnight. it takes a long time to roll something like this out because so many products already exist with the old labels. again, there's 90 days before we see how this all shakes out. a lot of people weighing in on it. >> at least we're talking about it. now go eat that ice cream. you're one person that could eat the entire thing and we would
4:39 am
never see the difference. >> it's got all the ingredients for breakfast i'm told. >> you can watch sanjay gupta weekends right here on cnn saturday 4:30 p.m. eastern and sunday. let us know what you think. tell us, tweet us. >> we need to know. they hide the ball when they do that serving size. i like that sanjay channelled bill cosby there. coming up on "new day," he was the undisputed star of the state of the union address, army sergeant corey remsberg. you're going to go inside his recovery. later, the forecast from this weather man, mostly creepy with a hundred percent chance of spider. >> on that chrome dome. [ dr. pyun ] patients are coming in with signs of acid erosion. healthy diets are hard on your teeth. the truth is a lot of healthy food choices are still high in acidic content.
4:40 am
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4:43 am
welcome back. an update now on the inspiring story of cory remsberg. he received a nearly two-minute standing ovation at the state of the union address after battling back in an attack on afghanistan that left him with a brain injury and an inability to speak. cnn's pamela brown got the incredible opportunity to meet him and see that he is still fighting every day to get better. >> he really is. and he's a humble hero as well. we spent a day with him, really so inspiring. he's become the face of thousands of troops returning from war with a traumatic brain injury. his spirit is helping him get through what he says is the most challenging battle he's ever faced. he celebrated his birthday
4:44 am
yesterday in a way that will likely surprise you. the determination that drove cory remsberg to serve his country still drives him during his toughest mission yet. this is how he spends up to six hours a day, every day, practicing what were once simple tasks. >> go a little lower. >> all while keeping his sense of humor intact. >> give me the name of a news site. >> fox news or cnn. oops. >> what goals have you reached that you're most proud of. >> standing on my own. think of it like a kid. he falls a lot. i'm the same way. >> remsberg became the most recognizable vet in the country at last month's state of the
4:45 am
union address where he was honored by the commander in chief hailed as an american hero. >> what's it like to be admired by so many people? >> that's a little awkward but it's good to know that the face of the wounded warriors brought together a divided congress. >> his journey to that moment began at 18 when remsburg joined the u.s. army eventually becoming a member of the elite army rangers. he participated in a reenactment of d-day back in 2009. >> we joked around and took pictures. i told him to stay in touch. >> the two would mooel meet again because of an event later that year in afghanistan that changed remsberg's life forever.
4:46 am
>> it was near drowning, it was an ied explosion, burns, shrapnel wounds. >> remsberg under went dozens of surgeries. he remains partially paralyzed on his left side and blind in one eye. cory was in such bad shape when he saw the president again he didn't even recognize his commander in chief. he not only acknowledged the president, but did something that shocked even his father. >> cory got up, saluted him and walked with a walker across the floor. >> rewarding. this is what happens when you don't quit. >> sergeant first class cory remsberg never gives up and he does not quit. >> though remsburg didn't like being called a hero, he is happy to inspire others.
4:47 am
>> the other people who would have acquit a long time ago and would have been happy in their wheelchair. me, oh no. >> he celebrates his 31st birthday wednesday and took part in a sky dive, his first since being injured. he acknowledges reaching new heights like this is only possible with the help of his family, charitable organizations and an army of doctors and nurses in rehab facilities. he gains strength through this constant reminder around his wrist indescribed with the names of fellow rangers that have lost their live sfwls keeps reminding me of what they gave for me. >> in return, he vows to never
4:48 am
give up, working to refwan his end -- regain his end independent dense and his dream. >> hopefully getting married, having kids. i'd like to go to college. >> sounds like a pretty good plan to me. remsberg says his ultimate physical goal is to be able to run. i have no doubt he'll accomplish that. since his appearance at the state of the union, he's been innone dated with messages and is working to respond to every single one of them. he continues to inspire people every single day. one of the main points during the interview was it really takes a village to get this far in his recovery. we have other ways that you can help veterans, wounded war yars. that's -- warriors. that's available on our website. >> you just have to let cory
4:49 am
speak and here his message. >> beautiful to see how they lean on each other. the family is growing tighter, you can tell. >> he went and served. he sacrificed. so did his family. a lot of these men and women have family back home. a lot of the veterans who come back, not all of them who need something look like cory. he's a face that's easier to connect to because it's so severe what he's dealing with. they don't have tbi necessarily, but maybe ptsd. >> and have a hard time asking for the help. >> when the programs are there, not as much, not as much. >> i did ask him, do you feel like you've been getting the help you need. he said the resources are available, you just have to look for them. but the key here is the support.
4:50 am
and the family and his father's company supporting him financially giving him the flexibili flexibility. i think that's important as well. >> he still ahead on "new day," we're going to show you what happens when a not so ittsy bitsy spider takes on the weatherman. >> the opposite end of the spectrum. >> exactly. >> come on. >> they're not all warriors like you. in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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4:53 am
♪ spider-man spider-man ♪ welcome back to "new day."
4:54 am
as indra knows, predicting the weather is a tricky business. what happens when it starts raining spiders. here's jeanne moos. >> in bakersfield, california it was sunny with a 100% chance arachnids. >> oh, my gosh. did you guy sees that? sorry. there was a spider that fell. >> yet another weatherman -- >> creeped out right now. >> aaron carlman has been attacked by a spider while on the air. >> take it easy. >> i hate spiders, man, especially when you are bald. you feel them crawling on your head. >> the spider became itsy bitsy. and aaron joined the ranks of weather people ambushed by arachnids. >> oh, my gosh, that was creepy. oh, he had to be right on my head. oh, i just don't like that. >> the spider wasn't even in the studio last year when global
4:55 am
bc's christy gordon freaked out. it was just hanging out on the lens of the camera stationed outdoors. some spiders were invited guests. >> i will punch you if you even get close to me. just get it out of the studio. >> spiders aren't the only critters to cause jitters. kate concila was in the middle of her forecast -- >> the good news it will -- sorry, there's a mouse that's just run past me. >> is there a book or block of wood near you. >> i'm not killing it. >> why? >> it's quite sweet actually. >> but having a bug fly in your mouth can make you a star. actually it was a grasshopper. >> that led to chris woods' death. >> flying in my mouth. i can't see -- >> isaiah carey has gotten an emmy for his report bug he's gotten over 19 million views on youtube for almost swallowing a bug. >> did you eat the grasshopper? >> no, i didn't. i spit it out immediately.
4:56 am
>> but creepy crawlies are nothing compared to what end upped in one man's shorts. curtis was doing a live shot at the fair when a python snakes into his pants. >> curtis was finally relieved of the snake. >> kurt, i was it good for you? >> the long-range forecast calls for a slight chance of being shadowed by spiders. a few isolated snakes. >> that's just wrong. >> okay. yeah, genie, that snake thing -- >> but if you look like vin diesel, you cannot let a spider scare you like that. there's no rationale with what you're afraid of. we have somebody on our floor who is afraid of bugs. would you even let a snake get close to you? >> i don't know what i would do in that situation.
4:57 am
i would be afraid if i do anything aggressive it's going to bite and that's not good. i don't know what you do in that situation. i'll tell you what i loved about the -- that's one of the things, like i have that dream. you have dreams of bad things that can happen. something crawling up my pants is always at the top of the list. the guy who swallows the bug, i love how he goes from -- >> and here we are at the fence right now and all of a sudden -- what the -- i love how he goes back into regular speak and drops the whole newsman thing. very good stuff. sweaty in the palms after that constricter thing. coming up next on "new day," a religious freedom bill that religious rights bill in arizona has been vetoed, but the fight is just beginning. this is about much more than just that one law. and we're going to go inside the debate with the president of the catholic league straight ahead. >> what is that on your leg? stop. ttle this. a steel cage death match of midsize sedans. the volkswagen passat against all comers.
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breaking news. violence in ukraine as armed supporters of russia seize a parliament building there. now vladimir putin launching military exercises nearby as the u.s. warns him to stay out. it shall shot pass. arizona's governor vetoing that controversial religious rights bill. one side rejoices. the other digging in for the next fight. this is bigger than one law. and we will get into the debate. we're live eighth the latest. winter misery. painful new lows hitting two-thirds of the country. ice jams clogging major waterways. residents fearing what happens when it all thaws. this as the west coast braces for rain.
5:02 am
your "new day" continues right now. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning and welcome to "new day." it's thursday, february 27th. 8:00 in the east. more turmoil breaking out in ukraine this morning after armed men stormed and took over a parliament building in the country's southern region and raised the russian flag there. it came a day after russia began surprise military exercises along the bord ter shares with ukraine much to the dismay of interim leaders. cnn's phil black has the latest from kiev. >> reporter: kate, a large number of pro-russian government stormed this building. they are said to be heavily armed in control and they are not negotiating. this morning, around 50 pro-russian gunmen seized the parliament building raising the
5:03 am
russian flag. this just a day after tensions have boiled over. the ukraine's black sea border with russia. pro-ukrainian and pro-russian protesters facing off. at least seven people injured in the demonstrations, despite police presence. some fear this could signal the beginning of international war games. the violence is erupting on the southern tich ukraine here just a few hundred miles from russia. the dispute, many in western ukraine want the area to have closer ties with europe while in the east an area that belonged to russia until the 1950s, some now want to rejoin this soviet union roots. pro-russian militias are stationing troops and even an armored vehicle near the border as russia launches surprise military exercises. up to half a dozen russian warships are at the ready in the black sea. a defensive move, according to u.s. military officials.
5:04 am
but the u.s. is sounding the alarm against outside players. in an interview on msnbc's "mitchell reports," secretary of state john kerry warned putin that this should not be a continuation of cold war games. >> we do not believe this should be an east/west, russia/united states. this is not "rocky iv." believe me. >> reporter: meanwhile in the capital of kiev, protesters cut down the fence surrounding that parliament building. demanding they be close to the people. a strong show of force in pursuit of a new ukraine. russia is now reporting the former ukrainian vict viktor yanukovych who has been a fugitive here in this country, has requested personal protection from russia and that has been granted somewhere on the territory of the russian federation. that could mean he's in russia somewhere or perhaps within a naval facility, a russian naval
5:05 am
facility of the ukrainian black sea coast. >> phil black, thank you. the firestorm create by arizona's so-called religious rights bill is over. but not really. governor jan brewer did veto a measure that would have allowed business owners to refuse to serve gays and others if they felt doing business with them violated their religious beliefs. brewer vetoed in part because of the potential for negative and unintended consequences. anna cabrera is live in phoenix. i say not really, anna, because they can still push a new law in arizona and other states are looking at the situation as well, right? >> there's a lot of passionate conversation about this, not just here in arizona but across the country. we know that governor brewer received more than 40,000 e-mails and phone calls in the past couple of days over this bill that many say would have swung the door wide open to discrimination. and so it did cause a lot of hurt and divisiveness again here in this state and across the nation as other states are
5:06 am
considering similar laws which we'll talk about in a minute. but here in arizona in the end, the governor says she did what she had to do. >> after weighing all of the arguments, i have vetoed senate bill 1062 moments ago. >> reporter: it was the news so many had hoped to hear. >> i am absolutely thrilled. >> reporter: happiness, happiness. it's about time. i knew she was going to do it. >> reporter: arizona governor jan brewer vetoing a bill that would have allowed businesses to deny services to gays and lesbians based on the owner's religious beliefs. >> i call them like i see them. despite the tears or boos from the crowd. >> reporter: the bill was broadly worded with the potential to create more problems than it could solve. >> i've not heard of one example in arizona where a business owner's religious liberty has been violated. >> i'm a business owner, and if she had assigned it, i was going to move my business to california. >> reporter: the reaction to her
5:07 am
veto as passionate as the days that catapulted this bill and this state into the international spotlight. the decision came as opposition reached a fever pitch. some of the nation's most prominent lawmakers and business leaders joining the fight. the nfl was watching closely and the arizona super bowl host committee for 2015 expressed concerns. >> she didn't want to be known as the governor who lost the super bowl. >> but not everyone was happy with the decision. >> i will not retreat because some radical leftist activists don't like how we do things in arizona. >> the governor answering her critics with a call for unity. >> going forward, let's turn the ugliness of the debate over senate bill 1062 into a renewed search for greater respect and understanding among all arizonans and americans. >> reporter: so let's talk about the bigger picture now. we know of at least a handful of
5:08 am
other states that are considering similar legislation, although this is the only place that's has actually gotten this far. right now in georgia there's a measure working its way through the statehouse there that would allow private companies to actually ignore state laws on the basis of religious beliefs. again, supporters there saying this is to protect religious freedoms but critics saying that measure is aimed largely at denying service to gays and lesbians. >> perfect example yf this isn't just about arizona. it's happening at other states as well. thank you very much. the cold is relentless and it's here yet again. the midwest and eastern u.s. are deal with another jolt of winter. but further west, the big story is the big threat of flooding. indra petersons is watching it all for us. >> everyone keeps saying this is the worst weather we've ever felt. we have a weather misery index. you'd be right especially if you
5:09 am
are in detroit. if you account for the snow and cold temperatures. this is the worst since we've been keeping records. you have chicago, indianapolis, philadelphia, new york and minneapolis all coming in as the worst all-time winters. here we go with more cold air and even another snowstorm on the way. for much of the country, february is ending on a low note. as another arctic blast brings sub zero temperatures to the midwest and sinks temperatures below the freezing mark as far south as florida. just look at this ice jam on illinois' kankakee river. miles of frozen ice have stopped the river from flowing. residents worry what happens when all this melts. >> that's when the quart is going to come up like a backed up toilet. and it's going to take out everything in its path. >> reporter: the seemingly never ending cold and windchills have been the worst on record. a new index tracking weather extremes confirms it. it's dubbed the misery index,
5:10 am
and for good reason. the national weather service says detroit is the hardest hit this season with more than 78 inches of snow and 13 days of lows below zero. new york, philadelphia and chicago also rank high for record snowfall and freezing temps. >> this really has been one of the worst winters in a lot of people's lifetimes. we haven't seen winters like this since the '70s in a lot of places. >> on the west coast, a very different picture. over the next two days, torrential rain will make a dent in california's severe drought. the state's worst in 100 years. but the downpours could create more problems than relief. flash floods and mudslides are a big concern with as much as six inches of rain in the forecast. all eyes on the sky as hollywood's biggest names prepare to walk down the red carpet at the oscars on sunday. >> check out these temperatures right now. look at these dangerous windchills. talk about feeling like 43 below zero right now out towards
5:11 am
duluth. even the south feeling like they are below freezing. tomorrow it gets worse as this cold air spreads farther to the east. temperatures feeling like below zero tomorrow into the northeast. even these afternoon highs, very far below the average for this time of the year. chicago, afternoon high in the single digits. that's 30 below where you should be. by tomorrow, see the cold air spread to the northeast. you'll be 20 below where you should be. that's not even the end of the story. once again, we're watching another system. this late in the season. expect to go through the ohio valley sunday night in through monday. hang right off the coastline which we do know means potentially more heavy snow by monday morning. tough, tough winter. that misery index only going upwards. >> thanks, indra. let's take a look at more headlines. a scary flight for passengers heading from l.a. to oakland, california. they had to be rushed off the delta sky west jet after they smelled smoke in the cabin right after they landed. the captain was able to bring that jet to the gate.
5:12 am
passengers were able to walk down the stairs and off the plane. interestingly, the authorities could not figure out the source of that smoke. the food and drug administration unveiling big changes to the nutrition labels. they'll put a bigger emphasis on the total calories and added suggars and certain beneficial nutrients, including vitamin a -- or vitamin d rather and potassium. serving sizes will be amended to better reflect how much someone is serving. you won't see servings for 8 ounces in a 16-ounce bottle. more details about the chemical also used in yoga mats. this morning a health research group says that same chemical is in about 500 foods you'd find in a grocery store. everything from dinner rolls to tortillas. it's known as ada. the government says it's okay in small amounts but consumer groups want it out of the food supply entirely. the older the father, the
5:13 am
greater the risk to their children. an international team of researchers studied 2.6 million swedish children and found that older dads have kids with learning disabilities and mental health problems at a much higher rate than younger dads. the conditions include adhd, autism and bipolar disorder. that controversial hot sauce plant near los angeles will live to see another day. the city council in irwindale put off any decision on shutting down the plant where sriracha is made. some of the folks who live nearby said the odors are quite a nuisance and have made them sick. the city council will resist the issue in april. in the meantime, sriracha continues. chris? >> sriracha lovers of the world unite. president obama announcing an initiative to help the next generation of african-american and hispanic leaders. it's called the my brother's keeper initiative. don lem son at the white house this morning tracking this story. >> good morning, this is something that is close to the
5:14 am
president's heart when i spoke to his senior adviser valerie jarrett yesterday. and it's an interesting story that you'll hear in just a moment. chris, we have all heard the negative narrative about young black men, that in many cities, 80% of them have criminal records and 1 in 3 black men born today can expect to spend time in prison. the president says he wants to change that negative narrative brought on by negative reinforcement. he says he much thes to make sure every young man of kwhorl is willing to work hard and lift himself up has an opportunity to get ahead and reach his full potential. so today he is using his power of the pen to sign a presidential memorandum to help with that. >> talk about what's going on with us and our feelings. >> james adams on the left with the dreadlocks, has a commute unfamiliar to most high school students anywhere. >> when i was in school, i would wake up, get dressed, put on my vest, put on my coat and go to
5:15 am
school. >> not a fancy vest. a what? >> a bulletproof vest. >> it's a rough and tumble life for many young black men like james and his friends. >> sometimes i might take a different route home depending on the time of day when i know it's gang bangers outside. >> so the street life of crime, violence and dropping out of school become the convenient and many times only alternative. a stark contrast to this man occupying the white house. >> i met with some young men from hyde park academy who are participating in this program. where are the guys i spoke to? stand up. bam stands for becoming a man. a wildly successful mentoring program in the president's hometown. mr. obama says he saw himself in the young men when he met with them last year. >> what i explained to them was i had issues, too, when i was their age. i just had an environment that was a little more forgiving so when i screwed up, the
5:16 am
consequences weren't as high as when kids on the south side screw up. >> valerie jarrett is the president's senior adviser. >> in a brief interaction, he transformed many of their lives and touched their hearts as they did him. and so just imagine if we can do that all around the country. >> reporter: this afternoon, the b.a.m. teens are at the white house for the announcement of the my brother's keeper initiative. they'll donate at least $200 million over five years to programs like b.a.m. nationwide. >> sdwhwhat does becoming a man mean? >> it means it's time to grow up, leave all childish things aside. >> becoming a man means become a man basically. you know, stop being childish. persevere. >> same thing what these two said. take responsibility and deal with your things. deal with your actions and whatever outcome is you have to
5:17 am
accept it. >> an outcome hopefully of change for a troubled generation. for a troubled generation. let's hope the next generation is not a troubled one after the president signs today, those business leaders, those foundation leaders will meet over the next 90 days to figure out exactly what initiatives work, what they need to do, how much more money they need and what they can do in the future to try to help those young black men. again, a generation that can be lost but maybe not with this initiative. so we'll see. next 90 days, we'll report back. chris and kate? >> thanks for being on top of it. there needs to be more pressure because it shouldn't be a 90 days. it should be now. the story james told you about putting on a bulletproof vest walking to school is not one any kid should have to live with. >> those kids mean it in the right way but when they say it's leaving childish things behind. in their minds, part of being a kid is dealing with violence every day as victim or perpetrator. >> and that's not just in one
5:18 am
location. that's the truth across the nation for a lot of kids. it's a reality. >> at least they are speaking up. >> don, thanks for that. coming up next on "new day," arizona's governor has vetoed that controversial religious rights bill, but the debate is far from over. we'll talk with the president of the catholic league about the bill and also what will religious leaders do? will they let it go? >> nope. and hillary clinton making a stop in a swing state as the polls show her at the top all alone on the democrats' wish list for 2016. is she revving up for a campaign? or how does she get out of one at this point? we'll discuss.
5:19 am
marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and a good source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips.
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5:22 am
welcome back to anytime new day." this morning opponents of arizona's religious freedom bill have reason to celebrate. the governor vetethode bill. on the same day federal judge ruled that texas same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional. so do these and other victories for the rights of the lgbt community put those against them on the wrong side of history? to discuss, bill donahue, president of the catholic league. >> why did you believe that arizona needed this law? >> because i think a lot of people of faith, whatever faith you may be, are fed up with the idea, starting with this federal government with the obama administration, twhwhen it comeo abortion and same-sex marriage are pushing gay rights, encroaching on the rights of people of faith. whether it's denial in illinois and massachusetts about adoption for the catholic church,
5:23 am
catholic charities. we have an attorney general who tells the state's attorney general, don't even bother enforcing the laws when it comes to marriage. look, gays as individuals, i'm with you on that. let's protect them in the workplace. let's protect them as individuals. what my concern is, and i think i speak for a lot of people of faith is the institution of marriage. that's a separate issue altogether. >> so when you look at arizona, the law, you are right. this is a bigger issue. it's a political issue. you are right about framing it. but legally matters here as well. are you aware that in arizona, the lgbt community is not a protected class. are you aware of that? >> as a matter of fact, i don't even believe it. quite frankly we've had this law since 1987. where are the examples of gays being discriminated against? how come they make more money than straight money on average? >> there are a lot of reasons for how the community does that goes to their character and -- >> is somebody being denied at
5:24 am
applebee's getting a hamburger? >> this is about you asking for a law that allows business owners to not serve people because they are gay. under the law in arizona, there is no special protection of the lgbt community so a business member, if he or she wanted to could discriminate without violation. that's why the law was unnecessary. >> this is an honest debate here. all i'm simply saying is this. can you enaumerate for me examples of gay people in arizona who are having their rights violated by people of faith? >> that's the exact right question, but it's the reverse. it's can you point out a business that was made substantial burden religiously because of what they had to do vis-a-vis a gay person. >> what this came about if i'm not mistaken, is because of what happened in new mexico when they had this amended law and the person is a photographer and says i don't want to do a wedding ceremony.
5:25 am
if that person says, gay people come into my shop and you are a gay person and i don't want to take your picture. i have no seem for these people of faith. when it gets into the question of marriage ceremonies whether it's in the example like i gave or where we're going into the churches, that's -- >> we're not going there. >> oh, i think -- >> nobody is saying that a religious organization has to perform gay marriages. nobody. >> if we have a federal administration, which ignores the expres will of the deem in doma and when you have the people taking an initiative in california saying you don't want gay marriage and then you get judges to overturn it. >> this is a scare tactic. give me this first proposition. in arizona you don't know any of cases of businesses that were forced to do things that violated their religious beliefs with gay people, right? >> do you know of any examples with the gays or the ones claiming about this? where are the examples of gays being discriminated. >> that's not what the law did. let's not be tricky because you have straight issues to debate
5:26 am
here but this isn't one of them. there is no case, the governor said it the proponents couldn't up come with one and the law in arizona does not give special protection to members of the community. you didn't need the law. >> can we agree on this? we have religious rights and a collision with gay rights. we need to protect both. it's not an easy delicate balance. but my rights of freedom of religion are in the first amendment to the united states constitution. >> yes, they are. >> when should they take a state? this law in arizona you have to prove as a businessman you were being burdened in your religious exercise. it didn't give the right of people to just say, i discriminated based on my faith. you had 11 republicans and democrats, harvard law professors and others saying this has been mischaracterized. >> you didn't need the law because there is no special protection. i want to move off that point to the point you just made. substantial burden to my faith. how is it a substantial burden to your faith to take photos of a gay wedding if you are a
5:27 am
catholic? >> i think if people say, listen, i don't want to sanction polygamy or gay marriage or anything other than traditional marriage, we need to respect that. if you don't like it, shop around. it's not hard for gays to find somebody who is going to take a picture of them is there? >> how is it a substantial burden to your catholic faith to do that? where in your faith does it say that doing that is very wrong? >> you know where this is coming from, it's coming from the fact, as i've said, between the courts, a lot of these i don't like the judges and what's going on in this administration and washington and also state legislatures. we feel people of faith that our rights are being whittled away in the name of gay rights having to trump on us. we need an honest discussion. i'd like to see -- >> how does gay marriage compromise your rights. >> gay marriage, the problem with gay marriage is this. it makes a smorgasbord. it says that there's no profound difference socially speaking between marriage between a man and woman, the only union which can create a family and other -- >> who says that's the purpose
5:28 am
of marriage. life-long companionship and -- >> if a man and woman don't have sex, we can't reproduce. >> you don't have to be married to propagate. and you don't have to want to have kids to be married. >> a lot of illegitimate kids in our society. i'd hope we have less of them. marriage is the great incubator against poverty. i don't want alternative lifestyles to be that. i want marriage to be given a privileged position -- >> who says it's an alternative lifestyle. why isn't it just a lifestyle. >> you want to make it that way. polygamy -- >> why shouldn't they be equal? >> because it's in the best interest of society -- >> who says. >> i'm a sociologist by training. take a look at -- >> the divorce rate is over 50%. broken homes, social problems. all during the era of how you wanted it. >> no if kids -- kids do best in an intact family. the evidence is overwhelm knroupg ne. >> you need a father and a mother. >> you need people to care for you. >> once you go down the road of
5:29 am
love as a condition of marriage, are you willing to -- how far do you -- >> love should be part of marriage but you should be straight. >> it's not a hypothetical. they are a brother and a sister. they insert the right to marriage and they are using the gay rights legislation as their trump card. that's where we're going with this. polygamists also. >> so your concern about making gays equal is that incest -- >> no, what i'm saying is that treat gays as respectful human beings. the way they are supposed to be treated. >> which means they deserve equal rights under law not to be discriminated against by a business. >> you are bleeding individual rights into the institution. there's a difference. the institution of marriage is best set, we know from all kinds of reasons, the institution of marriage is best set when we have kids raised by a father and mother. it doesn't always work out that way. but the idea of having two fathers and two mothers or maybe tom, dick and harry want to get married. >> do we have any proof that kids who come from a marriage straight or gay have different
5:30 am
outcomes? >> quite frankly, it's too early to say. >> you are a sociologist. >> you don't have any proof, but you oar. >> why would you want to do a social experiment -- >> you are saying it definiti definitively and you have proof. >> i have proof that kids who come from one-parent families -- >> does gay or straight matter? so you should want gay marriage because single parent families are a problem. >> why would we want a social experiment with an institution that's served us well for over 2,000 years? why are we experimenting? >> because you have single parent families and they deserve the try to do whatever a straight person does. you said with respect to those individuals -- >> what i'm saying -- >> you dent give them the right. >> the gold standard is a father and a mother. that's what was ordained by nature and nature's god. >> marriage was not ordained by nature. most mammals don't couple. i think beavers and elephants or something. >> have you noticed anatomically there's a goodness of fit between a man and a woman. >> no one is arguing this is how
5:31 am
you procreate but marriage is about love and commitment and the -- >> no, marriage is about family. marriage is about family. it's not about love. two sisters can love each other gop people -- >> marriage is not about love? are you married? >> that's an odd idea in western history. the idea two people should get married -- >> hopefully people do love each other. marriage is also based historically on duty and commitment. >> it's about love. the duty, the commitment, those -- >> that's great. it can't be the condition. otherwise you can sanction all the kinds of things i'm talking about. >> bill, first of all, there's a lot here. we don't have the time to discuss them, but i think we want to come back to a few basic propositions. in arizona, there was no legal force making business owners do business with gay people they don't want to. so the law fundamentally was unnecessary. the governor said it. that's why she vetoed it. the bigger proposition is, why do you want to discriminate against gays. you say we don't as individuals,
5:32 am
only the marriages bother us. >> that's right. >> but that's the same thing because their right as an individual is to marry. you do not own marriage. it was not developed by christians. it is a civil situation. >> that's right. >> secular. >> the catholic church -- >> they have equal rights. >> the catholic church got its idea on sexuality from jews. >> your idea that marriage is better between a man and a woman is really about being one versus two, love versus not having love. that's what it's about. >> i have christianity, judaism, muslims, i have mormons, most of the world who regard this idea as being bizarre. that two men should get married. this idea that two men should get married because they are in love with each other, i don't know. >> you say love is important to marriag marriage. >> love is a condition of marriage is very new. if people were -- hopefully -- my daughter got married last july. hopefully she'll stay happily
5:33 am
married. >> i can't even -- i don't know where to start that love is not a condition of marriage. i mean, really. >> duty and commitment. >> of course, but they grow from it. and the last point is this. you are in a tough spot. here's why other than just sitting across from me which is always not pleasant. here's the problem. these christians who are more of the extreme who take the bible as literal interpretation or they are following a specific pastor, they'll have their own rigid beliefs. you have a leader in your church, the pope. and his message that is drawing so much acclaim, bringing so many people back to your church is so different from the one you are offering up. i know you have your op ed coming up that says that when the pope said who is it for me to judge gays he was aassumption that were seeking god. you can be gay and seeking god. he's saying love, not include. that's not what that law is about and that's not what you are saying. >> i do believe people ought to love gays as we would straights. i am all in favor of that.
5:34 am
and discrimination against gays is wrong. i think the institution of marriage -- >> then they should marry? >> i'm making an extinction between individuals. you are bleeding the institution into the individual. >> we'll leave it there. this is very important. it's about where we move as a society. law is moving us in one direction. people of faith have a problem with it so it's an important discussion. >> pleasure. >> what do you think? use the hash tag new day. let's keep this debate going. coming up, hillary clinton takes the stage in miami and seems to whip the crowd into a bit of a frenzy. a lot of supporters clearly. as the new polls show most democrats want her to run in 2016. so is she gearing up to try for the white house once again?
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time for the five things you need to know for your day. number one, breaking news, ukraine's parliament has just elected an interim prime minister. it happened hours after armed men took over a parliament building in the country's southern region and raised the russian flag. arizona's governor has vetoed a controversial bill that would have permitted business owners to refuse to serve gays and lesbians because of their religious beliefs. south korea says north korea has fired four short-range missiles off its east coast. the u.s. and south korea are currently conducting drills nearby but it's unclear if those missiles were aimed at them. nutrition labels are in for an overhaul. the fda changing them to put a bigger emphasis on calories and soshow serving sizes that are better reflective of how much people are actually eating. and number five, nasa making an out of this world discovery. 750 new planets all found by the
5:39 am
keplar space telescope. four of them are in the habitable zone meaning they have the potential to support life. we're always updating those five things. go to for the latest. up next, what is in hillary clinton's future? a big speech in miami has many people asking, is she gearing up for 2016? the latest next. there's this kid. coach calls her a team player. she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. he's a great passer. dependable. a winning team has to have one. somebody you can count on. somebody like my dad. this is my dad. somebody like my mom. my grandfather. i'm very pround of him. her. them.
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welcome back. this morning, there's fresh speculation that hillary clinton will run for president in 2016. she, of course, has not said as much but a close listen to her
5:43 am
speech last night in the swing state of florida, you'd think she was campaigning for something. we have the story from miami. >> right off the top of her remarks at the university of miami, hillary clinton weighed in on the hot topic of the day. >> thankfully, the governor of arizona has vetoed the discriminatory legislation that was pass ed. recognizing that inclusive leadership is really what the 21st century is all about. >> praising governor jan brewer for striking down a bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse service to gay patrons. she also talked health care. >> there's been so many misconceptions about what's in the affordable care act. >> reporter: in an earlier speech in orlando, she proposed fixes to obama care but near
5:44 am
miami she pitched the thousands of students in the audience on the importance of signing up. >> if you want to go try your hand at film-making or an internet start-up or be an artist you will have the opportunity now to do that without assuming disproportion atly the risk that something could happen to you or when you are married or have children to your family. >> reporter: clinton leads the pack of democrats considering a 2016 bid. a new poll by "the new york times" and cbs news finds that 82% of democrats want her to run. clinton is ramping up her public speaking engagement allowing her to advance her narrative. gop critics are seizing on news that many of the documents from bill clinton's presidency possibly including interactions with his wife have not been released, even though they were supposed to, by law, more than a year ago. the national archives telling cnn 33,000 papers from the clinton white house will be
5:45 am
released in late march. >> it is great being here! >> reporter: but here in the pivotal swing state of florida, hillary clinton was all about looking forward and so was this crowd. one student's question, what does the tbd in her twitter feed mean? >> well, i'd really like to, but i have no characters left. >> she has said that she will make her decision known on whether she's running for president by the end of this year and for the pack of democrats trailing so far behind clinton, it can't come soon enough, chris and kate. >> you put it perfectly, brianna. thank you very much. have fun in miami. wish we were there right now. coming up next, the oscars are this weekend. we'll hear from past nominees and celebrities like cher about what it is like to be there. we're going to talk oscars.
5:46 am
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now, as i was saying, we're going to talk oscars. first -- >> fiber supplements like benefiber can help.
5:50 am
and on that note, george clooney, jennifer hudson, chris cuomo, steven spielberg, the list goes on and on. all appearing tonight in the cnn film's premiere of "and the oscar goes to." 85 years of highlights, history and never before seen backstage footage. here's a little preview. >> the room fills up with losers. for everyone who wins, there are four who don't. and they are bitter. and they sit there and they're not interested in the jokes anymore. >> keep your eyes on the losers tonight as they applaud the winners. you'll see great understanding, great sportsmanship, great acting. >> the thing that's terrible is that one minute you are a nominee and the next, when you are a loser. >> the winner is -- >> the winner is --
5:51 am
>> the winner is -- maybe i have the envelope? >> very memorable from that night. >> losing. >> and the winner is? >> "the hurt locker." >> we ducked out and didn't go to the governor's ball and went to in-n-out instead. this little lady walked up to me and said, didn't you just win an oscar? i said, no. and i bit into my double double. oh. >> all i'm thinking about is double double. >> and the oscar goes to airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. coming up on "new day," montel williams will telluous he believes every high school student should have to watch the oscar nominated film "12 years a slave." it's great to have him. hey guys! sorry we're late.
5:52 am
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who was your master? was he a married man? >> i suppose so. >> he learn you to read? >> a word here or there. but i have no understanding of -- >> don't trouble yourself with it. same as the rest. master brought you here to work. that's all. any more, will earn you 100 lashes. >> welcome back. you just saw a scene from "12 years a slave." it's been nominated for nine academy awards. and now the national school board association just announced that powerful film based on the memoir by the very same name will be distributed to public high schools across the country. tv personality montel williams played a key role in
5:56 am
coordinating the distribution of the film to schools. guess what? he is here with me right now. it's always a delight. you gave a little fist pump. this means a lot to you. >> 23 years ago, i was involved in getting "glory" distributed in every high school across the country. it became a curriculum in lots of places across this country. people, i was told by a person yesterday, they were called into the auditorium and had to watch the movie "glory." i was at a special screening of the movie. i sat beside steve mcqueen and we were talking. steve mcqueen said his dream was to always have this movie in schools. i said really? okay. that's just three weeks before christmas. three weeks before christmas. >> and here we are. >> here we are. >> it was crazy because everything just came together. the national school board came together. i went down and spoke and they said, this is an opportunity for us to have something that tells the truth and can emotionally involve children in a way that they'll understand what the pain of this era caused and can cause
5:57 am
again. >> it was one of my questions for you. how do we do that? because teaching history to kids, especially kids today, when they've got all of the new fangled devices and technology and we have this sort of, i don't know, a lack of patience for stories, it would seem, how do we make it relevant to today's kids? how do we make them feel? >> it's a testament to steve mcqueen and all the actors in this movie. you can't watch this movie without -- if you aren't moved, there's something wrong with you. i sat in a special screening in new york city and i turned around at one point in time. the entire room was crying. now do you say that i don't want to see it because it will make me cry? no, you need to see it -- >> to that end, let's have that discussion. this is slightly more sensitive audience. high school kids. we're talking about showing it to high school kids. >> they are the ones that are going to change america. >> i don't believe we should shy away from it because it is the truth, but how do we make sure
5:58 am
they can handle what they are seeing? >> incredible. penguin books who released the book itself, they wrote a full curriculum for this. so the movie is -- >> they talk about it. >> there's a curriculum. a way for teachers to engage students in the discussion so that we're not just saying, this is a slavery thing happening. right now there are children being enslaved around the world. >> 30 million. >> and we are just passing legislation, we are passing legislation in america, watch this, to see if we can turn back the clock and start enslaving people again. when we allow people to discriminate against one portion in our society like they're going to try to do in arizona, is this not a slippery slope to say we can allow anything nels a sense of degradation of people? >> the age-old if we don't know our history, we're doomed to repeat it. >> no ifs, ands or buts. >> this was one of the most difficult films i've had to watch but one of the most important films i've watched. it made me think about my own
5:59 am
history lesson. i'm sure it did the same for you. >> i'm a little older. so back, back when we went to school, we did attempt to tell the story of slavery the right way. remember, i went to elementary school and high school when there were marches and riots across this country in the '60s. so i lived this experience. most kids today don't even remember that happening. they can't remember before, you know, the first rap tune came out. i think we need to really stop for a second. >> do you think that you're going to be pushing for further works like this to be brought into our schools? where do you want to go from here? >> this has been a wonderful opportunity for me. two times in my life to effect the education of america's children. i'll leave it up to a lot of other people to take that journey. >> this was a chance encounter. >> i did it. let's get it done. >> thanks for making this a priority. let's hope we can change how our kids oar they are already better off than we are, aren't they? >> no question. i think this generation is the
6:00 am
one that's going to lead. that's why i want them to see this so much. >> montel williams, thank you. >> thanks, michaela. thanks for being with us. a lot of news happening today. let's get over to carol costello and the newsroom. >> thanks a lot, kate. "newsroom" starts now. the russian flag now flying atop the building. >> it's a correct challenge to the authority of the new government here in ukraine. molotov cocktails flying through the sky. america watching closely this morning. plus, the fat fight. >> consumers will understand how many calories they are cob consuming at one time. >> new nutrition labels. the first lady making the big announcement. >> get hyped for healthy snacks and fresh foods. we love it. >> ahead, what you'll need to look for a